Joe San's flower reveals its secrets

While since the 1930s the blue in the denims results mainly from synthetic dyes, the blue in JOE SAN’s denim fabrics comes from natural dye obtained by indigo persicaria from Japan, symbolized by JOE SAN’s flower logo.



It’s through a long and complex process that lasts more than one hundred days that the persicaria from Japan reveals its precious indigotine molecules allowing afterward the coloring of the denim cloths fiber. This ancestral know-how allows, in Japan, to obtain an exceptional indigo in an eggplant/blue color so unique.
To purists, the main interest of denim is in its evolution over time.

Never a synthetic dye achieved these shades with a natural pigment.

On the surface of the yarn, the indigo fades by the wear outs and washes, at the same time the fabric softens.
Thus, JOE SAN’s jean is a garment that lives, that ages very well showing over time white lines on the fabric, like wrinkles on a face.

Each treatment, each stone-wash is processed to provide an authentic look without concession. It’s the same for some Japanese gabardines qualities that go through cross- dyeing. The goal is to reveal the Japanese know-how while maintaining a European touch.