For the love of jeans

A special care has been given to premium jeans in JOE SAN collections, using Japanese denim fabrics made by the finest workshops in the world.

In order to reestablish the prestige to jeans and to come back to the beginning of the original clothes production, the brand has taken the elitist side to choose exceptional qualities of fabrics in order to get, after different treatments and successive steps, a totally exclusive product.



All JOE SAN jeans are made from a careful selection of selvedge Japanese clothes (12 to 14 ounces per sq.m.), produced in the most faithful way to the authentic jeans tradition, requiring several hours of manual work on each piece to reach the wanted look. The pants and chinos were elaborated in the same way. The compact gabardines, very dense woven cottons/linens or the 100 % linen with a stronger treatment, all went through transformations to finally give this “lived” chic spirit.